What We Offer

Strength and Conditioning Classes

These are 1 hour classes that are filled with an instructor lead warm up. Explanation and demonstration of that day's workout. Once you get to work you will receive correction, encouragement and guidance throughout class from your trainer. These classes are our main attraction. During the week you will see four strength days and two conditioning days. Our strength classes are broken down into two upper body focus days and two lower body focus days that are available to you on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. While our conditioning classes are available on Wednesday and Saturday. These classes are a blend of total body movements that are meant to challenge you. We love to incorporate stretching and mobility on these days to help you with your recovery. 
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Personal Training

These are 1 hour sessions with your trainer. There are very limited hours offered during the week. If you are interested in learning more please send us an email.
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Nutrition Coaching

Our coaching style involves personalized guidelines that are designed to fit you and your lifestyle. Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated, you just need to figure out what is best for you. With our program you will also receive weekly accountability check-ins from your coach. Consistent actions lead to big results!

Gym Rentals

There are available times during the week to rent our facility. If you are interested in using our space please reach out to hear more about our available times and prices.
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