What We Offer

Bootcamp Strength

Strength classes are on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week. Specific lifts will be assigned to certain days. The programming for these days will progress over a 4-8 week period. Each day a baseline workout will be written on the board that the class will perform. If you choose to have the assessment done, which is highly recommended, your workout will be tweaked to fit your needs based on your results. Not every exercise is made for everyone.
Let’s do an example to help you understand. Let’s say on Tuesday you come to class and deadlifts are programmed. You will look around the room and see multiple variations of the lift. That is because each client’s needs and fitness level is different. One might be using a barbell performing sumo deadlifts. Another might be using a trap bar with a conventional stance. Some might be using kettlebells. Others might need to elevate and reduce the range of motion. Each exercise serves a purpose. Just because one variation might not feel good, doesn’t mean you remove it completely. That is why there are variations, we choose the one designed for you. That is why we do personalized programming based on your results from the assessment.
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Bootcamp Conditioning & Mobility

Conditioning & Mobility classes are on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s. These classes will challenge your cardiovascular system! They get the heart rate up and make you sweat! The added bonus to these sessions is that you will end the class with breathing and mobility exercises. The really important stuff when it comes to training!
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Nutrition Coaching

Battleground Fitness is proud to offer nutrition coaching. We encourage you to attend a 30 minute nutrition consult first, to help decide which option is best for you. The coaching program lasts for three months. Why you ask? This is an appropriate amount of time for you to see results. Building healthy habits leads to long term results. Quick fixes are not the answer. Results take time, patience and consistency.

Nutrition Coaching

Weekly check-ins from your coach, a food list, meal guidelines AND personalized macros set for your body type and goals.
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