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Battleground Fitness was forged through the darkness of COVID-19. What was once a dream developed into a reality. BGF was created to bring a high end training studio to the Saratoga area. It was built to bring a group of people together to create an awesome fitness family.

Battleground Fitness offers small to mid-sized classes. The structure of the classes are geared towards periodized strength training. Cardiovascular training, mobility and soft tissue work is integrated into the mix to deliver a well balanced training regime. 

What really makes BGF standout compared to other gyms in the area are our assessments. Each client will have the opportunity to have a full body assessment done. This will show what their limitations, strength and weakness are. Knowing all of this information will allow proper programming to be done for each individual. Proper programming reduces the risk of injury while training. Having this awesome tool in our pocket helps accommodate all ages and fitness levels. So cool right?
Want to train from the comfort of your own home? We've got you covered! Choose from BGF’s in-person Monthly Programming at the facility, or online personal training where the workouts are customized to your goals.
We offer nutrition coaching here at BGF! Don’t throw all your hard work down the drain with a bad diet. Let us guide you through the complicated maze of nutrition. We can build a healthy lifestyle together.
For more detailed information check out our “What we offer” page!

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Battleground Fitness Trainers

Rebbekka (Reba)

Howdy! My name is Rebbekka Graziano and I am the owner and founder of Battleground Fitness. Since I was two I have been on the move. I participated in soccer, cross country, indoor and outdoor track and skiing. This was my drive to have a career in movement. I went to SUNY Cortland and achieved a Bachelors in Kinesiology: Fitness Development. After college I got a job and found my passion, strength training.

Over the last few years I have participated in spartan races and powerlifting meets, which consists of the squat, bench and deadlift. I attended the 2019 Arnold Classic, which is my biggest accomplishment yet. In 2017 I broke a world record for my squat and 3 New York State records for my squat, bench and total. As well in 2017 I won The Capital Region’s Favorite Fitness Trainers. Another huge accomplishment of mine.

My certifications include; Certified Physical Preparation Specialist (CPPS) and Precision Nutrition Level 1 (PN1). I do wish to accomplish the SFG Kettlebell Certification and become a Kinstretch Instructor. More certifications = more knowledge! The last 6 years is when I really discovered how awesome it is to be strong. I want to show women that being strong is beautiful. I went into this industry wanting to help people find the best version of themselves, well here I am doing that! So in March of 2020 I decided that I was finally going to pursue my dream of opening my strength training studio. I want to leave my mark in this world. I want to help as many people as I can. I want to make a difference!

Well that’s enough talk about me. To put it simply, I like to work hard but have fun while doing it! So let’s get to work!


My name is Stephen Zabala, I'm a fitness and nutrition coach with a somewhat unique and holistic approach to strength and conditioning. I am also the chef/owner of a nutritious meal prep business called Greenfork (www.eatgreenfork.com).

My focus is on FUNctional training, mobility, stability, and optimizing the human body through movement and nutrition. I think exercise should be a balance of challenging and fun. I believe in the connection of the mind and body, and using that awareness to explore different patterns of movement to push your limits beyond your comfort zone to achieve next level results. Anybody can achieve those results with discipline and hard work, and I absolutely LOVE to help facilitate the journey to health and wellness for others.

I am a NASM certified trainer and have a B.S. in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI. I have Kettlebell Specialist and Durability and Foundations certifications through the Onnit Academy. I am a (Hatha, Vinyasa) yoga teacher certified through Yandara Yoga Institute, and I am constantly learning and evolving through my own research, routines, and practices.

Come have some fun getting stronger with me!


Kiera is a certified and licensed athletic trainer who specializes in helping active adults relieve pain, optimize movement, and venture through life. Kiera has experience working with collegiate athletics and developed a passion for finding the root cause of aches and pains, rather than chasing the symptoms. This passion led Kiera to open Movementality so she could better help active adults with the means to relieve their pain long term. With a fun and introspective approach, Kiera helps her clients become more in tune with their bodies and provides them with tools to take care of their systems for a lifetime!

Kiera is trained in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, floss bands, cupping, self myofascial release, and more - although she believes that movement is the only way to heal the body - long term. She utilizes mobility and strength techniques to help her clients achieve their goals.

In her spare time, Kiera's favorite activity is hiking and being outdoors! She loves sharing her passion for hiking, running, and outdoor activities with her clients and enjoys being able to help them continue those activities. You can often find Kiera in the mountains during her time off, or in any coffee shop!

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