Journey To Better Health

Join our 4-Week program that focuses on fitness, fuel and facts about you

It’s all happening and we are so excited to bring you this exclusive program! It combines everything you need for success.

What's included? 4-Weeks +

  • A Battleground Fitness membership (3 days per week)
  • + Greenfork meals (3 per week; more meals can be added for an additional fee)
  • + 1-month of customized meal plans
  • + Body composition scans (before & after)
  • + Accountability coaches, support & expert knowledge to guide you along the way

This program will help you develop better habits, and jumpstart your journey to better health. 

Program Details:

  • Before and after body composition analysis with custom meal plans and nutrition information from Pinnacle Nutrition
  • A solid, 3-days-per-week fitness routine at Battleground Fitness with support and accountability and
  • Three, healthy, fresh, prepared meals each week from the chefs at Greenfork
  • One flat fee of $379* (includes everything above)
  • Very limited spots available
*If you have a membership with BGF, Greenfork or Pinnacle Nutrition, we will prorate the package price based on your existing memberships.  Complete the form and we will provide you with the exact investment. 



Meet at Battleground Fitness at 9am. Do not have any food or exercise before your scan. Get your first scan, set goals, meet the team and get started! If you cannot make the 29th, we can make other arrangements for you.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Journey 4 Weeks
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